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Fulfilled By: BBEXBA: Brittany Bexton Believe Again Campaign
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Brittany will send you an email thank you, and a download of her new EP in it’s entirety, including not only the BELIEVE AGAIN single, but also the rest of the project, 1 week prior to it’s release.


Fulfillment Details
The "Believe Again Campaign" ends 2/28/2017. Most downloads will be fulfilled right away. The "Believe Again" single has been released to compaign contributers, the full EP will go into production once the campaign goal has been met, and will be released upon completion. All campaign merchandise will be fulfilled by Brittany Bexton once the campaign has ended (although some may be sent out earlier).  Brittany Bexton will be in direct contact with campaign contributors to pass on additional information as needed.
Udella is acting as a venue for Brittany Bexton to raise funds for the "Believe Again Campaign", and is not responsible for campaign order fulfillment. 

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